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351-352 Series Hydraulic Filter

– Downward extraction type element
– Select from many options like indicators, relief valves, etc




The line filter is installed in-line to maintain the oil purity level in the hydraulic piping and protect hydraulic equipment from contaminants.


Standard specifications Possible corresponding specifications / options, etc.
Corresponding fluid Mineral oil Phosphate ester oil, water glycol oil
Maximum working pressure 0~3.5MPa
Indicator n/a Select from visual type, electric contact type, and electric contact type (micro capacity)
Relief valve (Bypass) n/a Installation optional
Connection 351 type Rc threaded type only, 352 type weld flange type only
Magnet n/a Installation optional


Code Fluid type
Mineral oil
F Phosphate ester oil
G Water glycol oil


Code Connection
351 Threaded
352 Flange


Code Inner diameter
A-03 Rc3/8 (10A)
A-04 Rc1/2 (15A)
B-06 Rc3/4 (20A)
B-08 Rc1 (25A)
A-10 Rc1 1/4 (32A)
A-12 Rc1 1/2 (40A)
A-16 Rc2 (50A)
A-20 Rc2 1/2 (65A)
A-24 Rc3 (80A)


Code Filtration
Micro-glass element
3C 3μm
8C 8μm
25C 25μm
10U 10μm
20U*3 20μm
40U*3 40μm
5UW 5μm
10UW 10μm
20UW 20μm
40UW 40μm
50UW 50μm
200W 200Mesh
150W 150Mesh
100W 100Mesh
60W 60Mesh