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NEXOIL Fluid Systems

The Lubrication sector of Nexoil is involved in the designing and production of industrial oil or grease lubrication systems.

Always on the search of state-of-the-art technological solutions, Nexoil submits its products to strict tests that ensure unalterable flow relationships and the correct injection of fluid on all the points of the system to which the component will be part of. The production of centralized lubrication systems by Nexoil is divided into four main areas:

Single Line System
Micro Air Oil System
Progressive System
Dual Line System

The reliability of the lubrication systems by Nexoil is guaranteed by the quality of the brand Flenco Lubrication Systems-ISO Cylinder.

Centralized lubrication by Nexoil
The industrial oil or grease lubrication systems offered by Nexoil are suitable for a wide range of applications: from the small machine up to the big industrial plant. As a matter of fact, the market of the centralized lubrication systems by Nexoil ranges from industrial vehicles to paper-mills, from public transport means to cement works – not to forget the textile and food sectors. The Nexoil lubrication systems are provided with electrical, pneumatic and manual pumps.

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