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AMGP-01MF Lubrication Pump

AMGP-01MF 110 volt series oil lubrication pump is an intermittent lubrication pump controlled by its built-in analog timer and used in combination with proportional type DB type.



It is convenient to set the stop time and discharge time by rotating the volume horizontally by analog control method, and the range of error is small, and it is possible to lubricate as much as the required amount at the right time.

The operation status is displayed on the LED lamp of the front operation panel, and it is very easy to identify the operation state and the abnormality.

There is a “FEED” button switch on the front side of the pump to remove the air in the pipe after the initial piping is installed. It is widely used for machine tools, printing machines, food machines, textile machines, injection machines, presses and various industrial machines.



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