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Series 4 Pump

Brief Description: Brass housing, 5/8″ ports
Primary Application: Reverse Osmosis
Secondary Application: Booster Pumps
Additional Applications: Circulation, Reverse Osmosis, Booster Pumps, Solar Applications, Hydraulic Systems, Desalination
Mounting Styles: Clamp-on, Bolt-on



PROCON’s Series 4 is designed and built to meet your needs for flow rates ranging from 115 to 330 gallons per hour at 250 psi. This PROCON pump maintains all the quality features and construction of our Series 1, 2, & 3 pumps. Clamp-on mounting style is shown in the photo; bolt -on mounting is also available.


104E265F12XX, 104E330F11XX, 104E265G12BA, 10543, 104B240F11BA, 104R240R12BC, 104E240F11BA, 114B240F11BA, 104E240F11XX, 104B240F11BC, 104L215F11XX, 104B240F11XX, 104E240F11BC, 114E240F11XX, 104E140F11XX, 104B330F11XX, , 104C240F11XX, 104E240F11AA, 104