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SST-B2 Lubrication Pump



The Aluminium body has a enlarged robust cover and enhance heat dissipation to prolong product life.
The FEED button can discharge more lubricant when necessary. There is an embedded spark reducer which can upgrade reliability and the embossed button help easier operation.
The Output Bore has an ambidextrous design contributes to the set-up flexibility.


ModelSST B2
Voltage (single phase)110V or 220V
Consumption Power(W)100
Output Power (W)10
Capacity of Terminal Output(A)0.3(Float Switch) 5(Pressure Switch)
Lubrication timeCooperate with PLC control system
Intermittent TimeCooperate with PLC control system
Direction of OutputLeft or Right
Output BoreØ4 or Ø6
Max. Output Pressure (MPa)1.5
Output Volume (cc/mim)150
Pressure Release DeviceO
Float SwitchO
Pressure Switch (MPa)1.2-0.9(NC)
Pressure GaugeO
Tank Capacity3L (Plastic Oil Tank)/ 4L/ 6L
Lubricant (40℃)Oil 30- 450 cSt
Dust/ Water ProtectionIP54

The output volume and max. output pressure as above is based on oil viscosity 68 cSt.


Ishan Lubrication - SST-B2 Lubrication Pump - Drawing 1

Ishan Lubrication - SST-B2 Lubrication Pump - Drawing 2

Ishan Lubrication - SST-B2 Lubrication Pump - Drawing 3