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YET A2P2 Lubrication Pump

– Lubrication: The lubricator runs via lubrication time after power-on.
– Intermittence: The lubricator runs via intermittent time after power-on.
– Memory: The lubricator runs via the previous set after power-on.



Lubrication and intermittent time can be adjusted.
The float switch alarms and output signal when the oil level is low.
The pressure release device is included.
The over temperature/load protector is attached to protect the motor.
The function of fixed pressure for the pressure relief valve can prolong the system life
Lubrication time (second/minute) and intermittent time (second/minute/hour/cycle) are adjustable.
The indicator on the panel can display the operation of the lubricator.
The intermittent period can be adjusted via the machine’s action cycles.
Pressure switch is an option for YET-A2P2.
“RES” key can force the lubricator to function.


Voltage (Single Phase)110V or 220V110V or 220V
Consumption Power (W)100100
Capacity of Terminal OutputDC/AC 250V 3ADC/AC 250V 3A
Lubrication time (second/minute)1-9991-999
Intermittent Time (second/minute/hour/cycle)1-9991-999
Output BoreØ4 or Ø6Ø4 or Ø6
Max. Output Pressure Mpa (kgf/cm2)1.5 (15)1.5 (15)
Output Volume (cc/mm)150150
Pressure Release deviceOO
Float SwitchOO
Pressure Switch (kgf/cm2)X12-9
Pressure GaugeOO
Alarm BeeperOO
Tank Capacity (L)234
(Aluminum Tank)
Weight (kg)
Note: Because of continuous improvements, above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



Ishan Lubrication - YET A2P2 Lubrication Pump - Drawing